Announcing react-native-webrtc 106 beta, with Unified Plan support

Hey everyone,

The day has finally come. react-native-webrtc version 106.0.0-beta.1 is out on npm, which finally brings Unified Plan support to this plugin!

I’d like to give huge thanks to Yousif from Dolby for kickstarting the effort which ultimately became successful, to Sergio for getting Dolby to allow Yousif working on this with us, and to my colleague Titus, without your help we wouldn’t be here today.

I’d like to also apologize to those who spearheaded similar efforts in the past. It was unfortunate we could not push those forward at the time.

We are calling this a beta since it’s the first release to include unified plan support and also because we bumped WebRTC to M106, which is currently in beta, and may still get fixes before the stable release.

Versioning has also changed. We are switching from 1.<Chromium release number>.X to <Chromium release number>.0.X which likely better reflects the nature of this package.

Please help us test this release and report any feedback!

:heart: The Unified Bandits.