Communicate web users with React Native users

We got a project thats running on .net core. Its a video group call application. We are using signalR for webrtc signalling server. Everyting works fine at web side. Our next goal is communicate web users with mobile side. For example when user join a video room at react-native-application they can able to see their videos. Im using react-native-webrtc library i can able to communicate with signalling server from mobile side. I have set events like (candidate, offer, answer etc.) But i could not able to starts a video call with a web user. We are using pure webrtc library at web side.

When i create an offer packet at web side its so long there are too many info but when i create this offer packet at mobile side with react-native-webrtc library its only one single line.

for example;

↵o=- 4885488019284896100 2 IN IP4
↵t=0 0
↵a=msid-semantic: WMS

maybe i have done something wrong. Is it possible to do this?