event.target.iceConnectionState never connected


We integrated “react-native-webrtc”: "^1.75.2 to make a voice call.

For some reasons, the negociated IP is given (from a french mobile operator) in hexa decimal and so the connection fails. We can see that in IceCandidate message :
Mon Jan 06 21:43:00 CET 2020 FINEST : {“candidate”:“candidate:1066967312 1 udp 2122262783 2a04:cec0:1010:e964:e4d4:6118:66d1:5f19 48275 typ host generation 0 ufrag 8vtb network-id 3 network-cost 900”,“sdpMLineIndex”:0,“sdpMid”:“audio”}}

Do you know how to manage that ?

If the IP comes in String format it works well !


That’s an IPv6 address. Many mobile operators use them because IPv4 addresses are scarce. Your infrastructure needs to be able to deal with IPv6.

Ah yes thank you I suspected thta, but it should be managed by RTCPeerConnection when we pass IceCandidate to it ?

addIceCandidate(new RTCIceCandidate(Ice candidate with IPV6 in hexa )) ?

or what should I do to be IPV6 compliant ?


do we need to have a TURN server?

You may need a TURN server if your IPv4 clients cannot connect to your IPv6 clients or vice-versa.


When I configure turn without tls, it seems to work but with turnS, I get the following error on the turn server

close TLS => reason: TLS/TCP socket buffer operation error (callback)

Is ssl handshake works correctly in react-native-webrtc?


Yes,. the TLS handshake should be working fine. Are you using any self-signed TLS certificates?

Thank you for your answer.

I use a let’s encrypt certificate .

Then I have no idea, sorry.