Integrating PushKit with Expo EAS Build for VoIP Notifications - Any Workarounds?

First of all, I am so glad that I found this community! Thank you all.

I’m currently working on an Expo project using the EAS (Expo Application Services) build process. My app, developed with React Native, requires handling VoIP push notifications, specifically for waking up the app during incoming calls. I understand that this typically requires PushKit integration on iOS.

However, I’m keen on exploring any possible solutions or workarounds that would allow me to integrate PushKit functionality while staying within the Expo environment, preferably without ejecting to a bare workflow. Here are some specifics about my project setup:

  • Project Type: Expo EAS Management Build
  • Current Implementation: I have successfully integrated react-native-callKeep
    for native call UI interactions, but this does not cover PushKit functionalities.
  • Primary Requirement: Need to handle incoming VoIP push notifications, particularly on iOS, to wake the app when it’s in the background or killed state.

I would greatly appreciate any insights, experiences, or suggestions regarding:

  • Any known methods or third-party services that can be used alongside Expo to achieve this functionality.
  • Experiences of others who might have tackled a similar challenge within the Expo framework.
  • Potential impacts or limitations I should be aware of if there’s a need to partially or fully eject from the managed workflow.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and guidance!

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