Ios client set offer and add stream ,only support 3-way travel

I made a ios client, ios client send offer and addstream to others,but only support 3-way up travel,but down travel can support more。If I send answer,it can support more way.Does anyone know why?

Can you please rephrase? I don’t know what that “3 way travel” means.

For example, there are six people in the room, a, b, c, d, e,f,
a is the IOS client,a is last one into the room, a can see other people, but only three of the others can see a, the remaining two can only hear a’s voice.

this a is offer

if a is not the last one into the room ,every one can see a, also a can see every one

this a is answer

And I try at website use wrtc,do not have this problem,

In my IOS app, there are 5 or more users communicating with RTC. One client creates 4 RTC instances to communicate with other 4 clients. And this one can receive all the videos from other 4 clients, but only 3 clients can get this one’s video.
That means one client can create 4 RTC instances but can only send video data to 3 other client s. Is that right?

There is no imosed limit. The limit is usuaklly given by bandwidth / CPU usage.

but ,if the one is answer ,there is no problem,

I check the track ,when the one can not see ios app video ,the track’s muted is true .It’s the fourth clients begin receive the track with the muted=true.
how can I change this read-only property ?

You can’t. A remote track shows as muted if no traffic is detected on it.

Ok,I figure out the problem 。It’s iphone’s hardware didn’t support too many hardware videocodec。When I change to software videocodec ,every thing is OK。
But if use software ,height and width,FPS can’t not to be set in constraints。 I can only set the MaxVideoBps and MaxAudioBps to control the quality。