Issues following upgrade to 1.75.1 (SOLVED)

So recently clients of our app had reported that IOS13.2 broke the calling functionality in our app. We were using react-native-webrtc@1.69.2. Because of this I thought it could be fixed by just upgrade to 1.75.1 but I have been having all kinds of problems since upgrading.

I managed to get IOS working with little to no issues with the new library (other than having to upgrade xcode to debug ios13.2). Android is another story though, I keep getting crashing errors such as:

W: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'byte[] java.lang.String.getBytes(java.lang.String)' on a null object reference
W:     at org.webrtc.JniHelper.getStringBytes(
W:     at org.webrtc.PeerConnectionFactory.nativeCreateAudioSource(Native Method)
W:     at org.webrtc.PeerConnectionFactory.createAudioSource(
W:     at com.oney.WebRTCModule.GetUserMediaImpl.createAudioTrack(
W:     at com.oney.WebRTCModule.GetUserMediaImpl.getUserMedia(
W:     at com.oney.WebRTCModule.WebRTCModule.lambda$getUserMedia$2$WebRTCModule(
W:     at com.oney.WebRTCModule.-$$Lambda$WebRTCModule$
W:     at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
W:     at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
W:     at
E: #
        # Fatal error in: gen/sdk/android/generated_base_jni/jni/../../../../../../../sdk/android/src/jni/jni_generator_helper.h, line 85
        # last system error: 11
        # Check failed: !env->ExceptionCheck()

After fixing that one by just setting audio constraint to just true, i am faced with this one:

E: FATAL EXCEPTION: pool-3-thread-1
    Process:  PID: 21302
    com.facebook.react.bridge.NoSuchKeyException: width
        at com.facebook.react.bridge.ReadableNativeMap.getValue(
        at com.facebook.react.bridge.ReadableNativeMap.getValue(
        at com.facebook.react.bridge.ReadableNativeMap.getInt(
        at com.oney.WebRTCModule.VideoCaptureController.<init>(
        at com.oney.WebRTCModule.GetUserMediaImpl.createVideoTrack(
        at com.oney.WebRTCModule.GetUserMediaImpl.getUserMedia(
        at com.oney.WebRTCModule.WebRTCModule.lambda$getUserMedia$2$WebRTCModule(
        at com.oney.WebRTCModule.-$$Lambda$WebRTCModule$
        at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
        at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$

Anyone have any ideas? Heres the code for setting the constraints and using getUserMedia:

var audioConstraints = [{
	googAutoGainControl: true
}, {
	googAutoGainControl2: true
}, {
	googEchoCancellation: true
}, {
	googEchoCancellation2: true
}, {
	googNoiseSuppression: true
}, {
	googNoiseSuppression2: true
}, {
	googHighpassFilter: true
}, {
	googTypingNoiseDetection: true
}, {
	googAudioMirroring: true

var videoConstraints = [];

var audioSource = options.audioSource;
if (audioSource)
		sourceId: audioSource

var isFront = true;
var voiceOnly = false;

var videoSource = options.videoSource;

if (videoSource) {
		sourceId: videoSource
	isFront = videoSource.slice(-1) === "1";
voiceOnly = (videoSource === "false") || options.voiceOnly;

var screenSize = Dimensions.get('window');
var isHorizontal = screenSize.width > screenSize.height;

var minFrameRate = 1;
var maxFrameRate = 30;

var minWidth = isHorizontal ? 200 : 150;
var minHeight = isHorizontal ? 150 : 200;

var maxWidth = (use_bigger ? 320 : 640);
var maxHeight = (use_bigger ? 240 : 480);

if (isHorizontal) {
	var swap = maxWidth;
	maxWidth = maxHeight;
	maxHeight = swap;

if (Platform.OS === "android") {
	minWidth = maxWidth;
	minHeight = maxHeight;
	minFrameRate = maxFrameRate;

var constraints = {
	audio: {
		optional: audioConstraints
	video: {
		optional: videoConstraints,
		facingMode: (isFront ? "user" : "environment"),
		mandatory: {
			minWidth: minWidth,
			minHeight: minHeight,
			maxWidth: maxWidth,
			maxHeight: maxHeight,
			minFrameRate: minFrameRate,
			maxFrameRate: maxFrameRate

if (Platform.OS === "ios") = true;

if (voiceOnly) = false;

return MediaDevices.getUserMedia(constraints);

react-native-webrtc: 1.75.1
react-native: 0.59.9

Any suggestions, we have been using webrtc for video/voice calling for a very long time the code is likely outdated but it should still work as it has up until this point. Also is there a better way to be doing constraints now? I know that the goog stuff isn’t really used anymore but finding solid documentation for this library is pretty difficult.

Have you tried removing audio constraints?

I did yeah, the second stack trace comes up if I remove the audio constraints, I can get it working if I just set audio and video both to just true but since our application is used in low bandwidth situations it would be better if we could limit the video a bit.

The crash seems to be related to audio constraints. Does it work if you set the video constraints as you already do, and leave audio constraints as just true ?

No when I set just audio to true and leave video with the constraints I get the ‘NoSuchKeyException: width’ error. From the code it looks like in the file around line 50 there are the following lines.

    width = constraints.getInt("width");
    height = constraints.getInt("height");
    fps = constraints.getInt("frameRate");

This seems to be causing issues when those fields aren’t provided. I’m not too sure if maybe i’m setting the constraints improper or if the width/height/fps are required fields.

The JS side makes sure those are always set IIRC.

Yeah you’re right I reviewed the JS code for RCTUtil and getUserMedia, it should definitely parse out the constraints and come up with a width, height and fps.

I’ll do some further debugging to see where if possible there’s a disconnect happening.

I couldn’t really find anything else out, I did however based on the RCTUtil code changed to use the ‘new style’ of constraints and everything is working smoothly now.

Thanks for the help in pointing me in the right direction.

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hey @chan3111… I’m having the same problem as you… could you help me find out how to fix it?
I’m doing some tests and commented out the video part (cuz it’s only voice call)
let constraints = {
audio: true,
width: minWidth, height: minHeight, frameRate: minFrameRate, fps: minFrameRate
So I’m leaving the constraints like this… I’m adding frameRate and fps for test purpose because I’m already desperate here =/

The error I’m receiving is the first one “Attempt to invoke virtual method… Check failed: !env->ExceptionCheck()”

Any help? Thank you very much! You are the only person I found with the same issue!