Measure noise level

Is there a simple way to add the possibility to measure the decibel of an existing audio stream?

I used the following module to measure the decibel level:

It works fine, but as soon as I use it in combination with webrtc, it fails. As far as I can debug the error message, it is related to the fact that both modules try to use the microphone at the same time.

Any ideas to tackle this issue?

I have a similar issue . I have voice recognizer app , and when i use this library , one of them stop working . I think its because android version . Before Android 10 the input audio stream could only be captured by one app at a time. in android 10 my app works but except that not working. Did you fixed your issue ? any idea how to fix this issue?

Seems like this did not get any attention at all. I actually wanted to do this as well, as I am developing an app that implements a functionality in relation to noises being picked-up by the mic. I used my own fork of the same library but unfortunately, these two libraries cannot work together because only one source can use the mic at a time (I think). So I’ve been looking for a way to do this with react-native and react-native-webrtc. Hopefully someone notices this and be kind enough to provide help :pray:

Edit: I just tried it (both iOS and Android) and it works!