No audio after delaying answer fulfill from incoming call with callkeep

we are working on a WebRTC client and we are using react native webrtc with react native callkeep and jsSIP.
On iOS we would like to fulfill the answer of the user from callkit on incoming calls after the answer really occurred on the sip part so that the user doesn’t see the starting timer at the wrong time.
Unfortunately, if we fulfill the answer after the confirmed event on the jsSIP incoming call, most of the time there is no audio on both directions, even if we fullfil prior to calling the answer method from jsSIP sometimes there is no incoming audio on the phone and sometimes there is no audio at all.
It seems that on iOS the audio session is activated only after the fulfill of the answer, so I wonder is there anyway to solve this issue?
Is there any way to delay the start of the audio or restart the audio on the react native webrtc/jsSIP part only after the call is really answered and the audio session is activated by react native callkeep?

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