peer.setLocalDescription(answer) crashes the app

Hi there, I’m trying to setup the react-native-webrtc in our project. Unfortunately I encountered an issue during setting the localDescription for SDP answer. When I call peer.setLocalDescription with created answer the android app is being closed, no logs, no info. Did anyone have similar problem and know how to solve it? :slight_smile:

  .setRemoteDescription(new RTCSessionDescription(payload))
  .then(() => {
    return peer.createAnswer();
  .then(answer => {
    return peer.setLocalDescription(answer);
  .then(() =>
    this.socket.emit("message", { payload: this.peer.localDescription })

do not implement return, read the documentation

peer.setRemoteDescription(new RTCSessionDescription(payload))
        .then(() => {
               .then((localDescription) => {
                       then(() => {
                            // send messages to webSockets

@lucasHimelfarb Isn’t it the same?

anyway issue is already fixed. problem was related to missing configuration in AndroidManifest
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE"/>

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