Record Video or capture Image while streaming on React native WebRTC

How can I capture Image and Recording a Video on live streaming by using react-native-webrtc.

It’s not currently supported.

Is there any way to achieve this shagul

You will need to implement a server like Janus or Jitsi to handle recording for you.


That’s an example that requires modification but works quite well.

Hi @ajnozari Is this possible to achieve the live streaming with react native camera

So the idea of a media server like Janus or Jitsi would be to run between the source and the end clients.

The camera that’s recording would have access to the local stream that is sent to the server.

Then the clients that want to livestream connect to the server through a js client you provide (webpage, this app) and they can subscribe to that room, and get publishers who are a part of it. If they don’t want to broadcast back you can tell the server you’re just a listener.

If you need to see the feed locally you again have access to the stream and can grab that. If you want to live edit said stream, you’re better off programming in the animations, and then triggering them via socket or the stream data channel.

I’m thinking of writing a guide of how to get things working with Janus but I barely have time to solve my own issues, although Janus is working quite well now.

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Thanks a lot @ajnozari,

@ajnozari Hi I know this is quite an old post but did you happen to write the kind of guide you were talking about in this last post ? I’d be super interested. Thank you very much !

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