RTCView is not honouring the opacity style in android

How can we apply opacity to RTCView ? Wrapping RTCView into a react-native View( as below code) or TouchableOpacity is also not helpful. If there is any solutions to work RTCView + opacity in android please let me know. In case of iOS same opacity style changes working fine. Not sure why it fails in android.I am using react-native version "0.70.0+”.
I am trying to display small secondary RTCView with some opacity on top of large video.
Thanks in advance.

<View style={{opacity: 0.7}} > 

       objectFit = 'cover'
       streamURL = { this.state.userVideo }
       style = {{ opacity: 0.7, backgroundColor: 'transparent', Width:100, Height:100}} 
       zOrder = { 1 } />