RTCView not working with remote streaming

Hello all,

I have a problem with use of RTCView to make a videoRoom app in react-native.

Now i can send local stream to server (checked in web browsers) and i can receive video streaming from the server, but i can`t show this remote video in the RTCView with stream.toURL() method.

Also the local stream is working perfect.

this is a console.log of local stream object:

{"_reactTag": "52584648-ac8c-4ae9-a3ae-5caf60e5b5e5", "_tracks": [{"_constraints": [Object], "_enabled": true, "_settings": [Object], "id": "80c2a3ef-97fa-4fc7-a618-4e9a6bcc79b4", "kind": "audio", "label": "80c2a3ef-97fa-4fc7-a618-4e9a6bcc79b4", "muted": false, "readyState": "live", "remote": false}, {"_constraints": [Object], "_enabled": true, "_settings": [Object], "id": "efc26c96-0898-42b2-be15-b1523cba611e", "kind": "video", "label": "efc26c96-0898-42b2-be15-b1523cba611e", "muted": false, "readyState": "live", "remote": false}], "active": true, "id": "52584648-ac8c-4ae9-a3ae-5caf60e5b5e5"}

and this is a console.log of remote stream object:

{"_reactTag": "6d6cbd99-7b74-4f48-a3d9-08ac8f66d048", "_tracks": [{"_constraints": [Object], "_enabled": true, "_settings": [Object], "id": "janusv0", "kind": "video", "label": "Video", "muted": false, "readyState": "live", "remote": true}, {"_constraints": [Object], "_enabled": true, "_settings": [Object], "id": "janusa0", "kind": "audio", "label": "Audio", "muted": false, "readyState": "live", "remote": true}], "active": true, "id": "janus"}

Can you help me?.
Please ask me for any info that i can send you to solve this.

Best Reagards.

This looks like some problem with the handshaking between the two devices, probably some problem with the sync between the server and the devices. I have an example in my github of a connection between react-native-webrtc and the browser. You can replace the browser with another mobile device without having to change the handshaking I created. Try testing and tell if it worked.

Diegocndd/WebRTC-ReactNative-to-Browser: Connection between React Native and Browser through react-native-webrtc library. (github.com)

Thank you diegocndd, i will try your solution.

When i have some results, i will put here this results.