Standard media contraint for exact deviceId not working

I am trying to create a simple Livestream implementation. Everything works fine on the Web (Chrome Browser) but there is no way to choose the media device on react native. I have tried different variants of the contraint implemetations but none worked. I am testing on Android (6.0 Marshmallow real device debug mode) and react-native-webrtc 1.75.0. My react-native version is 0.60.5 and react version is 16.8.6

import {mediaDevices} from 'react-native-webrtc';

// mediaDevices.enumerateDevices returns one audio deviceId 'audio-1'
// and two video deviceIds '0' and '1'

   // Tried 'audio-1' but crashed the app so I removed it
    audio: true,
   // Tried both '0' and  '1' but returns only the front camera no matter what
    video: {deviceId: {exact: '1'}},
}).then((stream) => {
   // Always returns the front camera for both '0' and '1'. 
}).catch((reason) => {
    // There is no error

Is it impossible to choose camera and microphone with react-native-webrtc?