Video And Audio Call Not Working Properly On Different network

I having some issue while using cross-network.

Here are some scenarios:
Same network ==> Working fine
Mobile network to Mobile network ==> Working fine
Wifi to Mobile ==> Sometimes working sometimes not working
Mobile to Wifi ==> Not working
Wifi to wifi ==> Sometimes working sometimes not working

I am using paid STUN & TURN server.

but sometimes the ICE Connection State stuck at ‘checking’ and after sometimes it is showing failed.

The strange part is if I disable and enable my network connection while in the call then it’s again connecting perfectly. So my question is is there any way to handle the webrtc connection if it goes to failed state. I mean is there any reconnect feature?

Please let me know if anyone have solution for this kind of issues.


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Have you found any solution? I have the exact same issue with my app and webrtc…

I also have the same issue on my app :confused:. Has someone the solution?

I have the same issue if anyone knows the solution please tell us.

After failed, once network is back, do ice restart(create new ice offer and do negotiation)