Accessing remote stream URL to play it through another player FOUND SOLUTION

Hey folks, I really want to implement the controls for the stream so I can see the notification on iOS and android when device is locked and play the audio through the speaker. I’m having a great setup and everything is working perfectly thanks to all of your great work rn-webrtc maintainers, but on iOS it’s playing through the small speaker and there is not much of a control over the stream at all. I tried using react-native-callkeep and i was able to kinda solve the problem but i definitely don’t want that “call” feeling but what i want is to create more of a “podcast” experience.

Never mind guys i think i just found the great react-native-incall-manager library which is having a cross-platform getAudioUriJS() method which is probably what i want. It also provides screen control and speakerphone control which is exactly what i need. Whew, needed to ask for help first before finally getting to the solution :slight_smile: this thread` also helped alot