[RELEASE] react-native-webrtc 1.75.0 released!

Good evening everyone!

I’m please to announce the release of react-native-webrtc 1.75.0. This release brings on WebRTC M75 (quite a jump from M69!) which, amongst other things significantly improves the echo canceling on Android.

See https://github.com/react-native-webrtc/react-native-webrtc/releases/tag/1.75.0 for the full changelog!


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Can I check with you? When I am using 1.75.0, I am unable to use addTrack and also my ontrack is no firing.

Any idea? or is it because my upgrade is wrong?


Those APIs are not yet implemented. You need to use addStream.

I can assume this also include ontrack, am I right?

Correct, that one is also still missing.

Is there any guide or input from you about how to implement it? I am planning to implement it and contribute to the repo. Because majority does not support addStream anymore.

There is not much input I can give. The way this usually goes is that we wrap the native Java or Objective C API provides by WebRTC and expose it to RN in the same way browsers implement it, so libraries can (ideally) work unmodified.

I took a look a few weeks ago and IIRC one of the 2 platforms doesn’t implement remiveTrack, I guess that can be documented as a limitation.