Peer.js - Your browser does't support RTCPeerConnection#addTrack

I’m trying to get a video and audio stream from a web client but get the following error on the react native side:

Your browser does’t support RTCPeerConnection#addTrack

How can I make it works? Should I use another option?

We don’t support addTrack. addStream is the only supported API, currently.

Thanks, I’ve implemented the addStream and onaddstream API in my version of Peer.js, so dirty but it works.

Do you have any further plans to update the supported API?

Yes, we will eventually implement the transceivers API, no ETA though.

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Hi, I found a solution to this problem, the bottom line is that the addTrack API is not implemented in react-native-webrtc, and you need to implement it yourself, here is the issue where the solution is written in detail