Can't send H.264 video from iPhone 12

In my app, I’m able to send video using H.264 from all iPhones prior to the 12, and from all Androids that we’ve tested with. VP8 also works fine from all devices, including the iPhone 12. The video is showing up in the RTCView, audio is being transmitted, and the iPhone 12 is able to display remote video from other devices. So the only thing that isn’t working is specifically encoding/sending video from the iPhone 12.

When I call getStats() I can see that both the encodingBitrate and the transmitBitrate are 0.

Has anyone else run into this?

To add some more information, this is only happening when I specify a resolution above 1280x720. 1920x1080 works fine on other devices.

Turns out that the offer SDP was being generated on the iPhone 12 with profile level 3.1 instead of 5.2. I was able to fix it by replacing the profile-level-id in my SDP.