React-native-webrtc how to use H264

when I use this repo, I use creatAnswer and see sdp, I can not see h264 in this sdp, how can I solve this, and how can I use hw decoder

Maybe this help?

Its an old issue though

@DimitrisTzimikas ,thanks your reply first.
sorry apologize my type error,English is not my native language.
as this issue can not support H264,we can not use hw decoder.
and I use this repo with jitsi-meet, I see jitsi-meet with decoder uses CPU,is it right?
so my meet box is hot,do you have some solutions on this?
Hope your reply

H.264 is patent encumbered, so we cannot prpovide a software implementation. Jitsi Meet uses VP8 by default because not all devices / browsers support simulcast with H.264.

Some Android devices do have VP8 hw acceleration though.

now I’m working on Android vp8 hw encode and decoder,
my device is use cpu as OMX.MTK such as, …
I use my test code in encoder/decoder
but I don’t know how to modefy rn-webrtc code
now I’m working on webrtc resource code in sdk/android/api/org/webrtc/ on M69。
and hope to your reply on my work

You’d need to build libwebrtc and update the bundled libraries in the android/libs/ directory.

hi,saghul,yes I’m trying on building libwebrtc.jar

You can use this helper script:

hi,saghul,thank your quickly reply,I will try this script