Simulcast support for vp8

Hi everyone,

I am planning to implement Simulcast(VP8) on Android & IOS. From what I understand, it could be enabled by setting the encoding parameters in the transceiver. Something like this

pc.addTransceiver(track, {
	direction: "sendrecv",
	streams: [stream],
	sendEncodings: [
		{ rid: "h", active: true, maxBitrate: 900000 },
		{ rid: "m", active: true, maxBitrate: 300000, scaleResolutionDownBy: 2 },
		{ rid: "l", active: true, maxBitrate: 100000, scaleResolutionDownBy: 4 }

Source - Janus blog

However react-native-webrtc does not seems to support getSenders() or addTransceiver() APIs. Can anyone please let me know how do I generate simulcast SDP on react-native-webrtc?

You need to use the “old” way of doing it by munging the SDP:

i tried send this not support vp8

a=rid:h send
a=rid:m send
a=rid:l send
a=simulcast:send h;m;l

but i tried send this it support vp8 i don’t know why

a=rid:l send
a=rid:m send
a=rid:h send
a=simulcast:send l;m;h