Check remote video


Is there anyway to check if something did not work and the remote video is not being recieved?
I had an error in my code: I wasn´t adding all the Icecandidates and the video did not appear.
The error was fixed but I would like to know how to validate the remote video or communication.

I don’t see any difference in on onaddstream.
It has the same information when it works and when it doesn’t work

In Web I use:

if (!(remoteVideo.readyState <= HTMLMediaElement.HAVE_CURRENT_DATA || remoteVideo.paused || remoteVideo.currentTime <= 0)) {
console.log(“Video OK”);

Have you found a solution? I have an issue for remote stream. Sometimes it shows but it depends on if the devices are on the same Wifi or wifi + mobile network. The remote stream does not appear and I want to know why so I’m interested in checking if the remote stream is ok or not :slight_smile:

Hello, you need TURN servers to connect outside LAN…

STUN servers only work within the same connection, i’m guessing thats why you have this issue

iceServers: [
                { urls: [''] },
                username: 'UDmiIontMhqXlxnMlarXDAAAAAF-x2KhBZGVrdW5sZTE=',
                credential: 'c531d2e62ac140004',
                credentialType: 'password',
                urls: [