Crashing on android after following thorough installation process

I have integrated react-native-webrtc library to my project, after the implementation, it was working on iOS, however it seems to be real frustration on android as it is crashing even after careful step by step approach of installation. It is very confusing in the repository in git. I hope I can find why it is crashing even after following steps, the error was like this :

React Native : 0.59
react-native-webrtc : 1.67.1

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Did you follow the guide for Android installation?

Yes, everything except 5 b) and 5 c) What was I doing wrong!? I followed all the steps however, it runs correctly on emulator, but it is crashing immediately on app launch!!

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Have you try 8BallBomBom’s solution here App immediatly crash after installing react-native-webrtc

This issue actual for next version of packages as well

  • RN: 0.62.2
  • react-native-webrct: 1.75.3

Also if you use proguard make sure to add this.
-keep class org.webrtc.** { *; }