Heavy stream makes react native webrtc freeze


I’m currently testing react native webrtc on multiple cameras on my iphone via go2rtc with bidirectional audio and H264. On some cameras, it works flawlessly, but on my Annke camera with a high resolution 3632 x 1632, the stream receives mute event every 5 seconds or not work at all. If I reduce the bitrate it works a little bit better, but it still freezes. If I use frigate web ui on my safari from my iphone then it works better. I’m not sure what can differ between the implementation of webrtc on safari and react native web rtc. But anyway I cannot use the highest resolution and bit rate with webrtc even with frigate, it might be the limit of my phone iphone 12 pro max, or the protocol, or the library. Do you guy have any ideas how to improve this ? Thank you in advance for your help.


Minh Khang VU

Just for those who have the same issue as me, for a camera usage, video stream with high resolution / bitrate, I could never make react native webrtc work well with UDP, with TCP it’s working fine