Simplest example possible

I’m pretty familiar with how to use webrtc in React, but new to using it with React Native.
To get a reference for how it works with react-native-webrtc I’ve created the simplest example possible. It uses RN 0.61.2 and functional components

Hope this helps someone


Hi! Hi!
I wanted to compile the project in order to launch it on iOS, but the build failed… it works well on your side?

Hey Jerem, I put it together on my Windows machine and since Android is my priority…I haven’t doubled back to get the iOS side working. Hopefully the changes will be somewhat similar to Android’s.

Unfortunately I didn’t think to make a commit before and after getting the Android folder set up :man_facepalming:

Butttt, I did do that in a different project . If you get it working on iOS and want to throw a PR my way I’d gladly look over it! Otherwise it might be a few weeks before I prioritize it.

no problem I’ll look into it;) thanks for your reactivity! I’m learning ReactNative, and I’m trying to use web-rtc to make a peer-to-peer chat.

Well after a hard day of hard work, I managed to make your project compatible with ios (tested on an iPhone X). I’m doing a PR for you, I can also make your other project (the chat project) iOS compatible if you want?

Awesome! Yea, just PR me and I’ll test it out!

Hello BaconCheese, after I clone and run yarn to get all the modules, I’m getting the error below:

> pod install

Detected React Native module pod for react-native-webrtc

Analyzing dependencies

Fetching podspec for DoubleConversion from ../node_modules/react-native/third-party-podspecs/DoubleConversion.podspec

Fetching podspec for Folly from ../node_modules/react-native/third-party-podspecs/Folly.podspec

Fetching podspec for glog from ../node_modules/react-native/third-party-podspecs/glog.podspec

[!] CocoaPods could not find compatible versions for pod “react-native-webrtc”:

In Podfile:

react-native-webrtc (from ../node_modules/react-native-webrtc)

Specs satisfying the react-native-webrtc (from …/node_modules/react-native-webrtc) dependency were found, but they required a higher minimum deployment target.

react-native-webrtc-minimal/ios on  master [?] took 2s


Did you faced that?

Hi , what about your PR for iOS version ? i also looking for version for ios…
@baconcheese113 @jerem17

@ORI I haven’t touched the ios side of it yet, if I receive a PR i’ll jump on it. Otherwise it’ll be a while.

Hi @baconcheese113, thanks for your posting.
I am working with voice/video call with react-native-webrtc.
Your repository works fine on my pc.
By the way, the problem is I am using RN 0.59.9 and React 16.8.3.
So it doesn’t work at const devices = await mediaDevices.enumerateDevices();
How can I fix this?

And I guess it is just for self-device. How can I implement it to call with another device?