"Simplest example possible" updated to RN 0.63.3

A year ago I created a sample project to get people started locally with react-native-webrtc without having to troubleshoot for hours. Since then it’s received nearly 100 stars, and had nearly 2k clicks from my post here to see it. For open-source thanksgiving I’ve gone through and upgraded to RN 0.63.3 and RNW 1.87.5 for both android and iOS.


Hope it keeps helping someone

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Thanks for your code! It helped me to understand how react-native-webrtc works. Just in case, have you done a similar project with two devices that starts communicating with a signaling server through socket io? I’m stuck in an issue with the remote stream that does not always show according to the Wifi and the mobile network. I’d be delighted to see a working example between two devices to see what I’m doing wrong :slight_smile: