Building iOS project?


I have been using react-native-webrtc with Android no problem, but yesterday decided to switch to iOS and am having a terrible time even when following the directions found in the readme.

One of the errors that I cannot get rid of is rctbridgemodule.h not found for example.

Does anyone have an up to date list of steps that can be followed to build an iOS project that uses react-native-webrtc ?


Well it appears that most of the errors that I was getting are related to React Native for ios in general and not react-native-webrtc.
I finally got it to build and I am now looking at my ios app that uses react-native-webrtc, running on my iPhone.

It would be good to have a step by step tutorial for building, that works 100% of the time ( It think that it is already in the works according to this, but I might create my own and post it as well )

Thank you for your work @saghul

I’ll be adding iOS into my react-native-webrtc example repo this week.

Might put a step by step together as well.