How to display react-native-webrtc streaming in Python?

The connection between two mobile devices works perfectly. It uses a node server. But is there a way to display the react-native-webrtc video in Python? This would be needed for future video processing.

I’m looking for a way to connect react-native-webrtc to a python server too.
I found this python library which makes it possible to host a webRTC python server: aiortc/examples/server at main · aiortc/aiortc · GitHub

You will need to connect the python server to your react-native application, I searched for an example which connects them both together but couldn’t find one. Please let me know if you managed to connect them together.

I had seen this Python library before, but found it poorly documented and unclear. I “solved” the problem using the Selenium lib. Basically I connect the mobile device with the browser and get the image by opening the browser with Selenium. I needed the server to do image processing with Media Pipe. This was the most optimized way I found, but I’m still looking for better solutions.