Is there a complte course of react-native-webrtc as video

I need a course of react native webrtc and i want to go throught it.
Very thank you from the team of react-native-webrtc

@muhammad there is no full course in react-native-webrtc. To start with there is an installation video ( and another one that uses in react-native app (

The first one is to config the library, the second one to understand the, because you are gonna need it.

If you want to start I would suggest creating a simple webrtc project from web. This way you will understand the webrtc logic (which is tricky).

There is a really good and simple example here ( you can debug it and learn about webrtc.

After that you’ll need to create a simple node server with socket to exchange automatically the SDP-ICE etc (you will find about those in process). When you are in this level you will be in position to configure the react-native-webrtc.

Have in mind that the react-native-webrtc uses WebRTC Version: M69 and current official release is at M74.

If you want a working demo project server-client go here:

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@DimitrisTzimikas thank you very much,
I have a simple project with react native unfortunately it works very slow.
And I dont know webrtc can help me or not.

Did you use the demos?