Ice restart support


I made some tests to create an offer with iceRestart to true and the result seems it’s not supported by the library. Can you confirm? I saw an issue on github where someone talk about iceRestart but it does nothing for me.

Normally the SDP must contains a new ice-ufrag and ice-pwd but the result is actually, i have the same.

Does someone have input? Thank you for your feedback.


Hum. We do pass all the options to the underlying library, so we’d need to dig into libwebrtc and see if something is not passed correctly.


I checked yesterday on the react-native-webtc and i saw you call directly the libwebrtc. So maybe there is an issue with the M67 library. I read the M6X changelog and i don’t see anything about that. But i did the same test (same code) with chrome (the latest version) then my app and the result is very different. The strange things is the ice restart is probably launch, because i see new ice candidate, but the issue is ice-ufrag and pwd is the same.

For information my test is to switch from wifi network to a cellular network.

I will try with the M69.

Thank you.

Please let us know how the M69 test goes.

Yes, i will try soon.

I see the same issue on version - 1.69.1.

IceRestart does not generate new ice-ufrag and ice-pwd. Functionality is broken at the moment.