Missing STUN Requests after network disconnection

Hi All,

I am testing network disconnection scenarios. An audio call is established on android user. He disconnects from wifi and connects back to same wifi immediately(overall, takes about 3-5 seconds). He gets back the same IP address as well and I am not doing ICE restarts since connection must be automatically restored.

When android user reconnects, peer connection does not answer any STUN request from remote nor does it send out any new STUN requests. ICE connection never recovers by itself and call fails(ICE state - failed).

Ideally peer connection must be able to recover itself if the network connection is back before ICE connection changes to failed.

Does anybody know what’s happening here?

Does it also happen when using the Chrome browser?

Hi Saghul,

Chrome/Firefox works fine with desktop environment. They are able to reconnect immediately once the network connection is back (before ICE state changes to failed).

To add more info, in my test scenario, the remote is Janus Media server.

I meant on the same mobile device, under the same conditions. It would have to be Android though.

The scenario works fine on Chrome Android(same device)


  • Chrome 74.0.3729.136
  • Android 8.1.0

I can only guess this is somehow related to M69 vs M74, since there is nothing this plugin does explicitly to trigger the behavior you observe.

Thanks saghul. I guess I will have to wait for M74+ to see if there is any change in behavior.