Offer description looks very slim

Hey all,
Why my offer description looks very slim ?

I trying to create an offer in android emulator

I purchased a turn server from expressturn and test it with
there i see 3 endpoints and in my android emulator i see only 1

my code
const startCall = async () => {
const turnConfig = {
iceServers: [
urls: [‘’],
username: ‘xxxxxxxxx’,
credential: ‘xxxxxxxxx’,
credentialType: ‘password’
let peerConnection = new RTCPeerConnection(turnConfig);
let offerDescription = await peerConnection.createOffer({ mandatory: { OfferToReceiveVideo: true, OfferToReceiveAudio: true, }, });
await peerConnection.setLocalDescription(offerDescription);

In addition this happen in a real device

By the looks of things it would appear you have a slim description due to not adding anything to the peer connection. Try getting a media stream then adding the tracks to the peer connection.
Once you’ve done that create the offer and check the description.
If you follow the docs included with the module then you’ll find code samples along with a call guide which reflects what i’ve just mentioned ^