Remote stream not playing in android mobile (react native)

Hi team,

i am connecting peer from mobile to web, here i explain my flow and where the problems occurs for me

  1. from mobile i make a call to web client (both offer and candidate sent)

  2. web client received the offer and candidate

  3. web client send answer to mobile client (answer and candidate sent)

  4. mobile client received the answer and candidate

  5. mobile client received remote stream which is streaming in emulator but not streaming in mobile

My code is

yourConn.onaddstream = function (event) {
//here i received remote stream in mobile device too but not streaming
this.setState({ remotestream: });

Pls help asap

Same error Black screen when receiving video

make sure the ice candidates are correctly added to the PC through addIceCandidate

The issue is not with react-native-webrtc npm, happened because of ice candidates shared in wrong flow. It is rectified a long back sorry to reply late and sad thing is no answer from package managers or group admins then why you guys are opening group for issues.

Where do you get this entitlement from? Your contributions to the project are zero, and that is as much free support as you are entitled to.

This group is here so users can help each other.

Being polite will get you much further.

@saghul I have same issue , How we can fix it?
In web client I have no issue , but react-native-webrtc remote stream is not playing

please, specify versions: RN and react-native-webrtc… Do you have any code or log to see the problem?