Rounding overlapping RTC views

I have a video call app with two RTC views, one in the background and a smaller one overlapping it.
The background RTCview has zOrder 0 and the small one zOrder 1.

I have wrapped the small RTCView with a View, and set the borderRadius with overflow “hidden”, which works when I don’t have the RTCview background rendered. If the background of the small RTCView is anything but the other RTCView, the overflow “hidden” works.

Has anyone figured out a way to manipulate the RTC view in this situation? Even diving deeper into the package code to manipulate the GL rendering?

Having the same issue! any solutions please

You will find that on iOS you won’t experience the issue due to how the rendering is slightly different.
As for Android though, due to the way SurfaceViews are handled things get a little complicated.
We would essentially have to refactor/redo the RTCView to support overlapping/masking when you have multiple moving textures on top of one another.

Simply put, known issue for a very long time and might get fixed in the future.
But either way we’re open to contributions :+1: