Trouble react-native-webrtc (android) and react-native 0.59.0+

Hello everyone!

The installation instructions for react-native-webrtc for the android application are not relevant today (

If we indicate in the project:
classpath ‘’

It becomes impossible to use react-native newer than 0.58.6 due to the react.gradle config.

And when using react-native-cli to create a new project, the minimum version of react-native is 0.59.0 (npx react-native init AwesomeProject --version X.XX.X).

Do you plan further support for the project
react-native-webrtc with new versions of react-native 0.62.2+?

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You are right, the instructions do need updating a little.
But the module does indeed work on the latest React-Native.

Just means adding the following to your android/ file.
Along with "" in android/build.gradle and also distributionUrl=https\:// in android/gradle/wrapper/

Those changes are mostly needed due to gradle upgrades used by newer React-Native versions.