Try get connect Bluetooth headset for VideoCall

well i try to log Device from enumerateDevices by using my actual Phone Device (samsung a31)
const devices = await mediaDevices.enumerateDevices();
console.log("Get Media Device ", devices);
and i got LOG as Get Media Device
[{“deviceId”: “0”, “facing”: “environment”, “groupId”: “”, “kind”: “videoinput”, “label”: “0”},
{“deviceId”: “1”, “facing”: “front”, “groupId”: “”, “kind”: “videoinput”, “label”: “1”},
{“deviceId”: “2”, “facing”: “front”, “groupId”: “”, “kind”: “videoinput”, “label”: “2”},
{“deviceId”: “audio-1”, “groupId”: “”, “kind”: “audioinput”, “label”: “Audio”}]
but it seem it did not detect bluetooth headset yet or wiredheadset moreover when i use InCallManager as useEffect(() => {
InCallManager.start({ media: “audio” });
return () => {
}, ); well on audio work well on wired headset but not working on Bluetooth headset
i use react naitve expo dev build so in app.json i already add permission “android.permission.BLUETOOTH”,
when i open my i can listen keyboard on screen type sound but when i start Video Call it seem audio
are not sent to bluetooth headset but only work on phone speaker or wired headset any solution?