Version 1.106.1 with Java 8


I have trouble with the version 1.106.1 to respect the new restriction from google to use M102 or later version of WebRTC.

But I can’t compile it in my app for Java 8, is this normal ? Am i missing something ?
It expects Java 11 apparently but if I switch to Java 11 all my project is broken.

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Currently unaware of such restrictions by Google, do you have a link?

This error appears like 2 weeks ago when I tried to push my app update in production mode. It was previously in open test

You should be able to compile using Java 8 but also since version 1.106.1 of the RN module WebRTC was updated to M106.

In android/app/build.gradle did you add the following in the android section?

compileOptions {
	sourceCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8
	targetCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8

Yes I have this lines

Can you provide logs for the compile errors you are experiencing?
Also what version of React Native are you using?
and are you using Expo?