Video Call on iOS has sound in the earpiece and not in the speakers like it should

Hello, I have implemented a video call app with webrtc and incall-manager in react native. On Android everything works great, but on IOS I have problems with the sound. The sound is directed in the earpiece and not in the speakers.

I am using InCallManager.start({media: ‘video’, auto: false, ringback: ‘BUNDLE’});

  • sound is in earpiece

I also added


  • still the same

I don’t have any other idea…

And also…the ringback for outgoing call does not work on ios…it works perfect on android

Thanks guys

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So I tested and I found a very strange behavior. If I install the app and make a first call permissions for camera and microphone come up I hit allow but the sound is still in earpiece and not in speaker.

If I restart the iphone, I go back into the app, make a call again the sound comes up in the speaker so everything is working…How can that be ? Is this something to do with the permissions of incall manager ? How can I delete does permissions from requesting the user ? I want to put them as granted as default…can this be done ?

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you can’t delete those permissions from requesting. Just run incall-manager’s requestRecordPermissions() method to request them and it’ll work fine. It’s a well known problem and you can find it in issues of incall-manager

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