Speaker ios call


I can’t manage to make the speaker works by default with ios.

It works good for android with the module react-native-incall-manager and InCallManager.setSpeakerphoneOn function.
For Ios I tried InCallManager.setForceSpeakerphoneOn(true) but it doesn’t work, there is just no sound speaker or other until I plug earphone.

In todo list of incall manager project, there is this todo

  • Fix iOS audio shared instance singleton conflict with internal webrtc.

Do you think there is a way to make it works with react-native-webrtc ?

I use :
react-native-incall-manager : 3.1.0

Many thanks

Hi Mr.Dav;

i am having the same problem.Did you solve this ?


I have just realized that it works on another phone, so I think the speaker was the root cause.