Way to set louder speaker in new version of react-native (Kotlin)

Hello everyone,

has anyone used react-native-incall-manager in new version of react-native?

Native modules (for example: MainApplication.kt) for android in the new version of react-native is in Kotlin. so, i tried instructions in the documentation of react-native-incall-manager by converting to Kotlin, but i did not work. Anyone has a solution for that? it could be also without using react-native-incall-manager

We use InCallManager.setSpeakerphoneOn(true); which works for us, didn’t notice it breaking at least…

does It work in the case of files are in Kotlin?

We have these versions in our managed Expo project, if they help.

        "react-native": "0.73.4",
        "react-native-incall-manager": "^4.0.1",
        "expo": "^50.0.11",

npx expo prebuild generates MainApplication.kt, so I suppose yes. I even tested that the speaker still works.