WebRTC M76 Integration

Is WebRTC m76 integration scheduled anytime soon? M76 implements the remaining standardized statistics that are missing from M75.

We will first wrap up M75. I won’t start working on it until we have made a release with M75.

Note however that we are still using the legacy stats and migrating to the new ones is a bigger ordeal.

Will you remove onaddstream on M75?

No, why would I? We don’t have any other API just yet.

Do you have any idea when are you going to release M75?

There are no blocking issues so might as well do it tonight I guess :slight_smile:

[RELEASE] react-native-webrtc 1.75.0 released! :slight_smile:

Great! I am really looking forward to take a look on that

Maybe there is some update regarding integration of M76?

No. What do you need from M76? Or rather, why is not M75 sufficient?