Building react native webrtc aar

I have a project I am working on, it uses jitsi SDK, which is using react-native-webrtc, via Jitsi SDK. I need to make a small change to webrtc code, but to do that, I need to compile my own react-native-webrtc and jitsi SDK using my version of libjingle and libwertc.

What is “by the book” way to build react-native-webrtc.aar? I do not want to change the react-native code, only the underlaying webrtc.

Their build script can be found here:

Yes, it is 1st part, it builds webrtc.jar and, but not full aar, there is a build.gradle in android directory set up to build an aar, but not in the root and there is no gradlew. I made my own, but not sure if I did it correctly. Or perhaps there is a different build method that I am supposed to use.

The best way would be for you to build the SDK since it builds the dependencies too. There is a script in the android/scripts directory that does that.

tx. in jitsi SDK repo? It did compile webrtc and react-native-webrtc. But it has different number at the end of the name…
It actuallly created 3 of them:
Original file, that I got from jitsi maven for same SDK, 5.1.0, is:

What is the difference between those numbers?