Deprecated Cocoapods prebuilt WebRTC binaries


we’ve been facing a very hard to troubleshoot issue with a WebRTC React-Native application that likes to fail only when running on some specific models of iPhone: iPhone ≥ 11, iPhone X series.

This is quite hard to troubleshoot because the problems seem related to the physical model of the device, and not to the version of the operating system (tested variety such as 12.4.6, 13.2.3, to 14.3)

After some frantic debugging and research on possible causes we found that Google deprecated during 2020 their Cocoapods prebuilt WebRTC binaries, and instead they suggest that the library should always be built from source code:

Is it possible by any chance that this deprecation affects users of react-native-webrtc? (I wasn’t able to find other topics or bug reports)