My phone camera didn't show in RTCView

this is my code

I use “react-native-webrtc”: “^1.75.3”,
and this is my app screen shot

now, I check my code and give this result
when i remove my app camera and record permission then app relaunch app
and go to RTCView screen my app request permission for camera when i allow permission my camera show in RTCView but when kill app and relaunch app camera didnot show in RTCView

So it looks like you’re not getting local media correctly. Can you remove the create offer and such from that point and see if you can just get local feed to show? You should be able to do that without needing to negotiate.

Try enumerating devices then simply grabbing them and setting the url.

Also I noticed that you’re calling setStreamUrl, I’m not sure if you’re using redux or the state for the url, but you might want to check the scope of that function and make sure you’re referencing the proper variable that gets set there.

An alternative would be to setState({ localStream: stream, localStreamUrl: stream.toURL()})