Not working on m1 mac iOS simulator?

Is it possible to use this library on the iOS simulator for m1 macs? Installing this library works fine using pod install, but trying to build the app in xcode shows errors like:

.../react-native-webrtc/ios/RCTWebRTC/WebRTCModule.h:15:9: 'WebRTC/RTCMediaStream.h' file not found

Building for a physical iOS device works fine.

If this is not supported currently, is it possible to add support?

Thanks in advance!


I use the library on m1 mac.

Can you confirm that you are building by turning the rosetta on? (Xcode → Open using Rosetta)

Second, remove pods, podfile.lock and then do pod arch -x86_64 pod install

let me know if this doesn’t work

Hey thank you Rohit! I was able to get it working using Rosetta. :slight_smile:

Is there a way to get this working natively on m1 / would it be possible to add support?