Way of working of the module

WebRTC in Safari (iOS) has often different kind of problems with each iOS release. Every time when one bug is fixed there are new ones. However, I’m thinking about switching to React Native. Right now, I’m using Cordova as a wrapper for my webapp. How does this module work? Is still somehow the internal WebView used or is it implementing the WebRTC standard with the help of the native components of iOS? I want to get rid of the WebRTC in a WebView approach (Cordova). Thank you!

Hey There.

Switching over to React Native will provide pretty huge improvements in app startup times and performance vs Cordova not just for WebRTC but overall since you’d be changing over to Native Components in most cases.

As for the WebRTC Module itself, that is also implemented using a Native API so the actual performance gap should be pretty huge.

You’ll also find that changing from Cordova to React Native isn’t too difficult either.